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Yesterday I had the chance to go to my first Fontbonne SpringFest! It was probably one of the best events Fontbonne has had this year. There were two blow ups – a wrecking ball and a velcro wall. The velcro wall was actually kind of painful because my hair kept sticking to my velcro suit, but at least I can cross it off my bucket list. Just kidding, that’s not on my bucket list! Who’s ever even heard of a velcro wall? Anyway…what else? Oh my goodness! The amount of food was awesome – they cooked nice pulled pork for lunch and then there were free sno-cones, free cotton candy, and free cupcakes from a truck! That last one sounds a little sketchy, but it’s a thing in St. Louis apparently…they were fantastic cupcakes so I don’t really care where they came from. The whole day was a blast! There were lots of crafts – you could tie dye a shirt and there was even a Pinterest party. At the end of the day, I won a yoga bag from a raffle. There was a Julian Michaels DVD with it too! I’m kind of scared of her workouts…she might make me stand on my head or something :/ We’ll see…wish me luck! 🙂

Big shout out to all the people who planned and set up everything for SpringFest! Your efforts were greatly appreciated…and for all of you who skipped out, don’t miss it next year!

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