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Concert! :)

by Fontbonne University on April 15, 2014

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This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to The Pageant for the first time! For those of you who don’t know what The Pageant is, it’s a concert venue on the Delmar Loop. Anyway, my friend and I bought tickets to see Phantogram, and on the day of the show, we grabbed our bikes and pedaled excitedly down S. Big Bend Blvd. The weather was perfect for a bike ride, and the venue is less than two miles away so it was very convenient. When we got there, I was jumping up and down with excitement! We walked through the doors, and they stamped my hand because I’m under 21. The stamp was a little baby – I was sooo insulted! But, I quickly got over it when I saw the  inside of The Pageant – it was awesome! My friend and I took our places at the back of the crowd as we listened to the opening act, a female band called Team. They were alright, nowhere near as good as Phantogram though! We had to wait awhile between the opening act and Phantogram’s entrance, but when they took the stage, we pushed our way to the front of the crowd to get the best view! They opened with a few flashes of a strobe light – it almost blinded me, but it was so cool! Their opening song was “Voices,” one of my favorites 🙂 The whole concert was great…the bass was loud, the singing was flawless, and they had mesmerizing laser lights of all colors! I really felt like I fit in with the crowd there too. That’s the cool thing about listening to alternative bands – the people who listen to them all enjoy being different. Everyone there seemed perfectly happy being themselves. People were waving their hands, chatting with their friends, and dancing to the music however they pleased. I totally recommend going to a concert at the Pageant, especially if you like alternative music! It’s a great venue, always has interesting artists, and is literally right down the road from Fontbonne!

Until next time,

Joanna 🙂

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