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Busy Person’s Retreat

by Alumni Posts on April 3, 2014

in College Life,Faith

Campus Ministry is hosting a Busy Person’s Retreat this week. There was a meeting last and the first session today, and I am already glad to be a participant. The retreat asks each student to read an assigned scripture each day and reflect on it. Then for just 30 minutes Monday through Wednesday, you meet with a spiritual leader (such as a priest) to discuss. My meetings are with one of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. The conversations can also be very open-ended and tailored to whatever you personally want to get out of the retreat. On Friday, there will be luncheon to close the retreat and bring all the participants together.

Because I am very involved on campus, it is easy to get set in a busy routine and forget about setting time aside for prayer. One of the purposes of this retreat is to remind people to see God in all things and not get too caught up in a routine way of life. It is important to trust God’s plan and practice really looking around at life. So many things that we pass everyday get overlooked because of being so “plugged in” to society.

An ongoing goal of mine is to strengthen my relationship with God. Conveniently, Fontbonne is a Catholic school. Therefore, there are always ways to practice my religion through the masses offered, retreats, worship groups, internal and external events, etc. While Fontbonne is Catholic, students do not have to be Catholic to enroll here. All faiths are always welcome.

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