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Spring Break

by Alumni Posts on March 21, 2014

in College Life

Spring break is always much anticipated and much appreciated when it comes. Although I have no plans to travel, but I wish I did, I plan to make this Spring Break eventful and productive! Mine got started a couple days early thanks to my teachers cancelling classes and so far I have stayed busy with babysitting, working, and observing in Middle Schools for practicum hours. I do not see this changing next week either. Which is a good thing. I like earning money, I enjoy spending time with the kids I watch, and I love being able to be involved in classrooms and see different teaching styles in place.

Other than my usual busy agenda, the two most exciting parts of my Spring Break are going to be St. Patrick’s Day and painting my new room at home! Sunday is one of my best friends, and roommate’s, 21st birthday, so on Monday we are going to Dogtown (Irish neighborhood in St. Louis) for the St. Patrick’s Day parade and then going to my grandma’s house (which is just down the street from the parade) for a celebration with my family and all the corned beef and potatoes my stomach will handle.

I am also moving into what used to be my brothers’ room in our basement that one wall is just a bookshelf, and I am very excited to get to paint that room and make it my own since I have never had my own at home. Being the youngest of 4, and growing up in the city, there is very limited space so my own room is a big deal! I picked a coral color for the bookshelf wall, and a mint green like color for the others. I hope they go well together!

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