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Spring Break is Here!

by Alumni Posts on March 12, 2014

in College Life

Hello, everyone!  Today I am writing as I scramble to complete homework and travel preparations.  I have much to do because, in a few days, I will be leaving to go on a spring break vacation in…

(wait for it)

…Europe!  I am taking a short-term study abroad trip with a group from Fontbonne to England, Ireland, and Wales.  As an inexperienced traveler, I am super excited to be visiting another country!  I have never left the United States, nor have I ever been on an airplane.  This spring break will be a week of new experiences, for sure.  I promise to post many pictures of my trip when I return.  You’ll probably get sick of Europe posts after a while.  Or be jealous of my adventures.

Either way, that’s all I have to say for now.  I hope you all have fantastic vacations full of rest!  And probably homework.  Because, let’s be realistic, we are students.

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