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Why Speech Path?

by Alumni Posts on March 3, 2014

in Academics,Career Paths,New & Future Students

For me, Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)  just made sense.  In high school I had been looking into majoring in something in the category of the medical field.  But I didn’t want to be a doctor or a nurse.  For a while I was thinking of going into Physical Therapy but that just didn’t seem quite right either.  But then, my sophomore year of High School I met someone who was a SLP major.  After discussing the field with this person, I realized that it was extremely appealing to me.  Just the right mix of medical health sciences and working with people.  I knew that I had to look into it more!

My junior year I had the opportunity to shadow a SLP in an elementary school setting.  It was a phenomenal experience!  The woman who was working in the school system was so happy with were she was in life and just had such a passion for her job.  The therapy session itself was so fascinating to observe, and I even got to help with it a little bit by playing “Trouble” with the little boy, the SLP’s client.  Furthermore, I was able to ask more questions about the field and about the options other than working in a school.  I was given the contact information for a Speech Pathologist who worked at a hospital.  Though I could not shadow her for privacy reasons, she gave me lots of information and really helped me in my decision to choose Speech-Language Pathology as my major.

And now I’m in college counting morphemes and learning about phonological errors and I absolutely love it!

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