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Fontbonne University

Ring in Spring!

by Fontbonne University on March 12, 2014

in College Life

It’s always about halfway through spring semester, when it starts to get warm again and the days are longer, that I want to be outside rather than in a classroom or studying. But the spring weather can still be enjoyed during the school year. Today, my friend and I took a nice walk to Oak Knoll Park and studied in the shade with our shoes kicked off. It is so nice to enjoy the outdoors and be productive. And next week I won’t even have to be very productive…spring break here I come.

I can enjoy the warm weather all next week (that is, if crazy Midwest Mother Nature decides it should remain warm). I will be returning to my hometown in Southern Illinois. I cannot wait to drive my car, see my dog, and hang out with my friends and family! It should be a pretty laid back week. It is also my sister’s 15th birthday…can’t believe how old she is! Pretty soon she’ll be dating…duh, duh, duh… Anyway, she asked for a sock hop party, so we’ll be dancing to some fifties music, hanging records on the wall, wearing poodle skirts, and maybe watching some old films.

I also plan to do a lot of hiking. Southern Illinois has quite a few scenic places to hike. One of my favorites is Garden of the Gods. If you ever get the chance, check this place out! There are endless cliffs that give you a perfect view of the trees and farmland below. If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can even climb up some of the bluffs and crawl through some fat man’s squeeze areas. Just talking about it makes me itch to be outside.

The rest of my break will be spent sleeping in my super comfortable bed and watching endless episodes of Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Don’t roll your eyes…you’ll be doing it too.

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