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Res Hall Recipes? Not so much…

by Alumni Posts on March 7, 2014

in College Life

March has arrived, which is National Nutrition Month! Since we’re on the topic of food, you may think I have some awesome recipes to share. Well, that’s not really the case. I’m not exactly the best when it comes to cooking or coming up with flavor combinations. This is part of the reason why I just always eat in the DSAC Caf’ or Ryan Dining Hall. Being a resident, it’s so much more convenient for me to do so, and it tastes a lot better than what I could probably come up with. Typically, cafeteria food gets a bad reputation. However, I actually enjoy the food that is served here. Ryan Dining Hall changes their menu everyday, so they serve a variety of meals. I am always a fan of the fresh salad bar and the vegetarian entree option of the day.

On the rare occasion where I do just eat a meal in my room, it’s nothing exciting. It usually consists of me popping a box of instant rice in the microwave or pouring a bowl of cereal. As artsy as I am, I am not creative with my meals. A friend of mine proposed an idea for a TV show on the Food Network channel that I would definitely watch. It would be based on res hall recipes. The host would visit various college campus, find out the “it” place to eat in that town, and ways to create an awesome meal in a dorm with limited resources. Next year, my roommate and I plan on living off campus for the first time. That would mean we’ll have to cook almost every meal by ourselves. That means no more getting spoiled by the luxury of getting hot food by simply walking to the building next door. Can this Res Hall Recipe Food Network show start now? I’m ready for the advice.

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