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Under Pressure.

by Alumni Posts on March 7, 2014

in Academics,College Life

Tuesday night as I was at the checkout counter at Whole Foods, the cashier asked me if I had any exciting plans for the rest of the evening. Naturally, I did:

“Meh, just a ton of homework,” I complained.

“Oh yeah, it’s getting to be about midterm-time, isn’t it?” said he.

Indeed. It. Is.

The past week has been one of those kinds of weeks. You know, the kind where you stay up late doing homework with friends and forget to set your alarm for the next morning and show up to track practice half an hour late (sorry, Coach). Or where you put off doing calculus homework until 10:00 the night before it’s due because you’ve been working on other stuff all day, only to sit there and weep a little and think, “I DON’T REMEMBER HOW TO DO THIS INTEGRAL AT ALL” (when really you do because you just learned it last semester in calc 2). Or where you realize that listening to your physics lab partner who told you last week in lab, “Oh, we can just make up numbers for that part of the lab and do the calculations at home” was a bad, bad idea.

If you’re in this position as well, hang in there! Spring break is right around the corner…I promise!

Have a lovely weekend, kids!


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