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No Matter What

by Alumni Posts on March 7, 2014

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I enjoy how I learn so many new things everyday just being here. For example, after living in St. Louis for 5 years, I’m still in awe of how much snow we’ve had. It’s already March and still, the flurries are being spooned on us as if someone up there is pouring flour into this bowl we call earth. What is the name of that groundhog that sees his shadow? I think we need a new animal if we’re getting six weeks more of winter.

I also learn that no matter how rough of a day you’ve had, someone will always cheer you up. Following my heavy schedule today, I was determined to stay mad and grouchy at how little time I had to relax. Yet my companions at dinner made me laugh so much I can’t help but laugh my guilt away now. My friend Sean is a master imitator and performed several renditions of Disney songs in the style of Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Johnny Cash. This was followed by some wonderful trips down  memory lane of old, obscure TV shows that only a few know about, such as Flight of the Conchords. Just revisiting all their songs with Willian, and letting Yuri and Yara listen and laugh with us, helped my mood immensely.

In fact, being at Fontbonne has that effect. No matter where you go, how terrible or dark you feel, or how lethargically your life passes, someone will always come by like a ray of light and shine. It’s very refreshing. And you keep learning that laughter will always be a grand medicine.

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