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Love the Skin You’re In

by Alumni Posts on March 3, 2014

in Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness week. In support, the Counseling and Wellness department hosted a couple events. On Monday, there was a panel of individuals and families that have recovered from an eating disorder battle. A Q&A session took place. On Wednesday, a documentary called Someday, Melissa was played. This film follows the struggle of a girl that lost her life to bulimia. Insight is given by Melissa’s family and friends that knew her story the best.

I’d like to consider myself a big advocate for eating disorder awareness. Someone very close to me struggled with anorexia and bulimia for several years, so it’s a very relevant issue for me. I understand that the disorder is not just a physical illness, but a mental one as well. This is something many people don’t realize: individuals with eating disorders literally don’t see what others see. They have a distorted image of themselves, which can affect the way they eat. Furthermore, extreme eating habits become a way for people to feel like they are in control of something in life.

It’s sad to know that thousands of people are struggling with an eating disorder. I wish more people would learn that there is so much more to life than the number on the scale. Also, there are better coping mechanisms when issues occur. Let’s make a pledge together to embrace the bodies that were given to us. After all, you only have body, so you better treat it right.

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