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This is a common phrase, I believe: “I’m so tired of the cold and snow!”

Yes, that is the main sentence for the past two months. It’s bizarre! I guess we can cope with the constant cold and snow, but jeez, it does get old. And it doesn’t make things better with all the accidents occurring. Tsk tsk.

Anyways, let’s not get into that (it’ll be boring). We have reached the beginning of March! This also confirms that we are already half-way through the spring semester (not quite “spring-y” as I would like it to be). As always, there’s always so much to do! One is a midterm exam this Thursday for me (feels like my very first midterm ever); another is preparing for the junior synthesis art show on April 1st (yes, my work will be included!); and a bunch of student organization things that needs to be done. Well, at least I’m now ODK’s secretary for the 2014-2015 school year! Woohoo! This is a HUGE honor for me. I look forward to achieving goals with my new crew.

As you may recall, I’m already in a bunch of clubs as it is, and now ODK’s exec board. I must be crazy! But no worries, I’m actually dropping officer positions to just being a member for FISH, Students for Life, Student Alumni Association, and continue as a member for FLARE. Next year, I only want to focus on FISA and ODK; these two organizations are more connected to my heart than the others. However, I am still strongly supportive of the others! I hope to see them continue to do many great things for the Fontbonne community and the world. 🙂

Plus, I’m an art major and I’m almost done with my third year. THIRD YEAR! Therefore, I REALLY need to focus on creating more and more art work and plan to put my creations in art shows, galleries, and maybe sell them at art fairs. Yup, I am determined to put myself out there! Hope you’re all supporting me and keep a look out for Lizzie Tran’s masterpieces! 😀

Okay, that’s all for now. Have an awesome week!

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