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V-Day Spirit

by Alumni Posts on February 10, 2014

in Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

I’m not usually one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this year is a different story. No, I will not be celebrating by wishing for a stuffed bear, box of chocolates, or a dozen roses. I am in the spirit thanks to my involvement with FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board) and ODK (Omicron Delta Kappa honors leadership society).

The week kicks off with another Monday trivia competition at lunch time. I will be hosting again, and this week, all the questions will be about love movies, songs, and celebrity couples. No matter how anti-Valentine’s Day someone may be, you have to admit that there’s at least one chick flick out there that makes your heart melt a little bit. Also this week, as a fundraiser, ODK will be selling Crush soda Monday through Wednesday. For just one dollar, students, faculty, and staff can purchase a glass, vintage bottle of Crush soda and have it sent to anyone else on campus. Also, a little note that people fill out will be sent with the drink. Purple (grape) ones get sent to friends, orange ones to crushes, and red (strawberry) ones to those that you love. People don’t have to follow these guidelines, but it’s sort of fun to see what you get this way. After the sales are complete Wednesday, people that had a soda purchased for them will receive an email. Then on Thursday, they will pick up their drink and card, and find out who sent it to them! Last semester, similar events like this were successful when FAB did candy grams around Halloween and Christmas. I am excited to see how well the Valentine’s one goes.

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