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My Taste In Music, You Ask? Get Ready!

by Alumni Posts on February 4, 2014

in College Life,Extracurricular

Fun fact about me and music: I love it, and I like making it (I sing in the school a cappella club and the Friday Mass choir and play the uke in my spare time)… but I sure can’t study with it!

And that’s been a tough reality to face this semester.  Even though I become so distracted when there’s music around that I can hardly participate in a conversation, I still THINK I can do homework with the help of some tunes.

Tunes such as…

We Are Scientists, an alternative rock band that’s a melding of OkGo’s guitar riffs and the sounds of dance pop. I like “Make It Easy” especially.

“Make It Easy”

Then again, there’s also Los Colorados, an excellent find I made last week. They’re a Ukranian folk band who does Ke$ha covers and other pop music, adding in their own flavor. They’re pretty much The Best Thing Ever.
“Tik Tok”

So anyway, it’s a constant battle when I have assignments to finish:  I want to make homework-time more fun by listening to music while I’m working…but I wind up just spending more time “working”, because I only have half of my brain engaged with what I’m doing.

I’m sure I’ll get wise one of these days…In the meantime, enjoy some WAS and Los Colorados with me!

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