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A New Semester, A New Goal

by Alumni Posts on February 3, 2014

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Last semester I successfully completed and acquired my teaching certification, something I have wanted since I was four years old!  I couldn’t have been more proud!  It is amazing what one little piece of paper can do!

Now for this semester…Well this semester I will be completing my Masters and be finished with school for a few years.  Yes, I eventually want to complete my PhD, however, I think it is me time now.  In order to do my student teaching semester I had to quit my fulltime job and move back home, a big change and not an easy one.  I have been self-sufficient since I was 18 years old and now I am almost 26 and back being dependent on my parents.

I have started at a new job, it is only part time but it is teaching which is in the right direction!  However, my goal for this semester is to successfully make it through my classes, no matter how stressed they may make me, but also to get a full time teaching job.  It is hard to believe that my all time dream is just within my grasp!  It is exciting, thrilling, and yet very scary.  If I achieve my life’s dream then what is there?  Will a new dream arise?  Will I reach a Disney princess moment where I will “live happily ever after”?

What then?

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