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“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand” – Stevie Wonder

by Alumni Posts on February 10, 2014

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Music plays a huge role in my life. From a young age, I was listening to The Beatles and my tastes have grown since. I will admit that when I think back to what I was listening to when I was thirteen, I cringe a little. I don’t know how my parents allowed me to listen to Hanson or Savage Garden. These days, I listen to a variety of music and each serves a purpose for me. I like to listen to the more upbeat, pop music when I’m cleaning or getting ready for a night out. I often refer to these as “dance parties.” There’s typically more dancing and loud singing than there is cleaning.  I drive 45 minutes to work and 45 minutes home each day so I have a “driving” playlist in my iTunes.  Depending on my mood, I either play songs that I can belt it out to or songs that help get my energy up in preparation for what will be a rough day.  It’s interesting that I always sound EXACTLY like Katy Perry, Ke$ha, or Florence Welch when I’m in the car!!  I almost always have music playing while I’m doing my homework.  I used to listen to Pandora but sometimes a song would come on and I felt like Pandora didn’t know me at all!  Now I listen to Spotify regularly.  Sometimes I will pick an artist at random and make a radio station or I’ll just listen to all the songs ever made by an artist.  I like to listen to low-key music while studying so that I don’t get too distracted.  My favorite band to listen to while doing homework: Death Cab for Cutie.  My favorite band to listen to after a break up: Dashboard Confessional.  My favorite artist to listen to while working out: Skrillex.  My tastes are all over the board but each band or artist I listen to speaks to me in a way that is unique for me.  I believe that is what makes music so wonderful; it can bring us all together but serve a different purpose to each individual.

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