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Music to My Ears

by Alumni Posts on February 6, 2014

in Extracurricular

I have never met a person who’s just like “You know, I really hate music. Can’t stand listening to it!” Everyone loves some kind of music! For me, music is almost always a constant. At work we have it on in the store, and in the kitchen. I have it on in my car (often at a loud decibel).  And when I am alone in my room either reading, doing homework, or just cleaning I always have music on. When I am doing homework or reading I generally have country music on, because I find it is least distracting for me, but when I am cleaning I have z107.7 or some other upbeat, pop station on that I can blare loudly and embarrassingly sing along to without judgment. Often times if I cannot decide between the two, or I feel like the radio stations are playing too many of the same songs or commercials then I turn on Pandora and put my stations on shuffle. I have a very wide, random variety on my Pandora. My stations include (but are not limited to) Today’s Top Country, Lea Michelle’s station, Mumford and Sons, and other random stations. I love having music on in the background of whatever I am doing. It calms me and often times even helps me concentrate!

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