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Moving Foward in College

by Alumni Posts on February 10, 2014

in Academics

I believe that connecting with the teachers and doing your homework ahead of time is the most important thing that you can do to be on top of your grades in college. Connecting with your teacher can create many advantages during your college years. Connections make it easier for you too learn because you will become more comfortable with asking your instructors questions. It also gives you an advantage because if your work ethic isn’t that well, but your instructor knows that you are trying your best, they are most likely to boost your grade verses if they did not know you. Doing your homework ahead of time is always a great and smart thing to do. You will never have to be up late the night before and any questions that you have about the assignment can already be asked and out of the way. If your computer or technology issues arise, it would not be that huge of a deal because either you already have it done or you have time to get the problem fixed. There is nothing like already havingt your homework finished and put away, ready for the next day. That is one less stress on your shoulder.

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