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Meet Me in St. Louis

by Alumni Posts on January 29, 2014

in Organizations, Activities & Events

Tomorrow is the first day for GSOPC Trivia this spring semester! As I have mentioned previously, as the chair of daytime activities in the Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB), I host trivia competitions every other Monday. They are called the Griffin Series of Pop Culture, or GSOPC for short. Each week is a different theme, but pop culture is always incorporated.

The theme for tomorrow is called “Meet Me in St. Louis.” There will be questions about celebrities from St. Louis, movies that have been filmed here, and famous landmarks. The next trivia is right before Valentine’s Day and is called “All You Need is Love.” Some other themes this semester include and will celebrate Black History Month, National Nutrition Month, and Spring Finale. A GSOPC will also kick off Spirit Week in April.

“Write trivia questions” is constantly something on my list of things to do. It may seem monotonous, but I have fun doing it. I like to spend my time researching the media anyway, so it works perfect that I get to do that for homework. However, after doing it for a third semester now, this will be the last semester that I will be hosting GSOPC as a part of FAB. Next school year, I will have a new position in FAB. Therefore, daytime trivia events will not be listed under my job description anymore. My new role will be the live performance chair. As much as I love my position now, I am excited for the change that will come in the future. But for now, I will just “go out with a bang.”

I hope to see many people in the DSAC every other Monday at 11:30 starting tomorrow! There will be prizes for the winning team!

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