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Almost a New Year!

by Alumni Posts on December 11, 2013

in College Life

It’s that time of year to start thinking of a new year’s resolution.  Knowing that I graduate in May and that, for the first time in my life, I don’t have a stable work position, I think this is the perfect time to make one!

2013 was a rough go.  Not only was I completing my degree but in order to do that, I had to quit my job.  In this economy, who quits a perfectly good job?  Well, I did.  Crazy?  I don’t know, but hopefully I will find out that it wasn’t.  I’m an optimistic type.  During the last few months of work my grandma’s health deteriorated extremely fast.  The month before I started my Student Teaching placement she passed away.  I completed my placement with great scores!  I then began rehearsing for my first show that I wouldn’t be able to invite my grandma to.  2014 will be a year of firsts — girst goes at things without my cheerleader.

I guess my new year’s resolution will be to allow myself to do things by myself.  I need to discover the inner strength that my grandma always knew I had.  I had always fallen back on her for strength to do things, whether to audition at new theatres, try for jobs I had never done, or simply that person to call on a bad day.  I have begun doing small things on my own, yet I still catch myself picking up my phone and trying to call her at the end of a bad day.

Here’s to 2014 and finding the strength in each of us!

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