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Resumes, Interviews and Jobs!

by Alumni Posts on December 9, 2013

in After College,Career Paths

Are you approaching graduation?  Trying to figure out how to find a job?  Or as I call it, getting a “big-kid job.”  When I was graduating from Lindenwood with my BFA, I began to do the graduation freak out!  The “Wait, what do I do now?” questioning.  A little gem that is not really known on campuses is the Career Center, the place where you can go to find help with resumes, interviewing and even job placements.  I had no idea Lindenwood had a place like this until that last week before I graduated.  And I only found out by my dad asking me if there was an office like that on campus.

Most of my professors at Fontbonne have suggested us going to see the Career Counselors many times, so hopefully this is not a surprise to anyone!  However, if it is I highly suggest that before it is your last semester or even the last week before graduation that you set up an appointment to begin preparing your resume or even work on your interviewing skills.  One thing they offer is you can set up an appointment and come in with full interview-ready clothes on and they will do a mock interview while videotaping you so that you can see what bad habits you have and can fix them.  This is a wonderful opportunity that I don’t feel enough people take advantage of.  As someone who used to interview potential employees, I can tell you that this is a wonderful service Fontbonne offers, and I highly suggest you make an appointment — the sooner the better!  Another thing that students should know is that Fontbonne offers this service to us even after we have graduated!

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