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My life at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

by Alumni Posts on December 16, 2013

in Academics,Career Paths,College Life,In Saint Louis

This semester, I was a student intern at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, which has been ranked by USNews as the 6th best children’s hospital in the U.S. this year. What I did there was to follow the clinic lead, Ms. Haycraft. I attended different meetings, helped at community events, assisted with some health educational projects, and delivered health information to the patients and families. I really loved this experience even though it was not for school credit. I cherished every time I was in Children’s Hospital because I feel that I’ve learned a lot from the clinic lead and other healthcare managers and leaders. During the past five months, from August to December, I’ve learned how to manage projects in a healthcare setting by considering different target audiences, what patients and families need, how to run a project for different meetings, and how to create good health educational materials. All of these tasks are related to my program—health communication.

I’m very thankful that St. Louis Children’s hospital gave me the opportunity to be an intern and shadow with the clinic lead. To be honest, it was challenging to be a full time student and still go to the hospital in my free time, but I really think it was so worth it to do that. Therefore, I encourage other students to have an internship or volunteer experience during college. Good luck in your school life or extracurricular activities.

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