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Holiday Traditions

by Alumni Posts on December 9, 2013

in Extracurricular

I have always found the Holidays very stressful!  At first it was because my mom, dad, sister and I lived out of state so instead of a time of relaxing and celebration we were baking, packing, traveling, and living from a suitcase.  It was never relaxing or fun.  Now that we are back in-state, the holiday celebrations are at our house.  So again, no relaxing just baking, decorating, cleaning etc.

One tradition I created with my grandma to help relax during this time was to go to Our Lady of the Snows on a weeknight, early, right as they open and just slowly go through each indoor and outdoor display.  Not only was it relaxing because there wasn’t much of a crowd on a weeknight but also because we went early and could spend the whole night just slowly enjoying the decorations.  My grandma was addicted to holiday lights, it seemed.  Any time she saw lights up, even if it was a meager house display we had to pull over and admire them.  I never took the time to ask her why she liked looking at lights; there is always a reason why we enjoy the things we do.

This year I plan on continuing that tradition, just a little differently.  My grandma is no longer with me to take to see the lights, so instead I plan on beginning this with my godsons who have moved back from Georgia.  They are 5 and 2.  And the 5-year-old seems to have a similar addiction to holiday light displays!

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