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The Feeling When It All Works Out

by Alumni Posts on December 2, 2013

in College Life

I’ve often found myself this semester asking myself what I did to deserve all of the things I’ve been blessed with. Why am I healthy, with legs and lungs that allow me to run—the one thing that makes me so stupidly happy? Why does my dad still give me money to buy groceries at (DON’T TELL HIM!) Whole Foods? Why do I get to go to school to study the things that I love (Chemistry! And, okay, biology.)? Honestly, it blows my mind how lucky I am. And because I’m feeling more grateful than I am original this week, here are a few of the top things that I’m thankful for that happened over the course of 2013, and okay, the past week or so.

1.) I’m Thankful for the People Who Got Me Out of My Comfort Zone: There are two in particular: my organic chemistry professor, Dr. Bookstaver, who told me I should be a chemist. Who didn’t give up on me when I said, “No way. Stupidest. Idea. Ever.” Who told me I needed to change majors. And also, for Coach Shaver, the former cross country coach here at Fontbonne, who told me in the spring that I needed to be on the team. Who didn’t give up on me when I said, “No way. Stupidest. Idea. Ever.” Because if it hadn’t been for these two being so pushy, well, I’d still be sitting in my room all alone studying calories and writing goals and objectives and working on group projects and feeling really miserable with my life.
2.) For My Teammates: Who braid my hair. And make really awesome math puns. And endure great pain with me at the chiropractor, who likes to use scary metal tools on us.

Awwww... (Post-Conference race)

3.) And My Coach: Who called me the week before school started when she heard I was having second thoughts about everything.
4.) For the Moments This Semester When I Laughed So Hard I was Crying: Because these are my favorite kinds of moments.
5.) For the High-Five My Chemistry Professor Gave Me Last Week: Because I finally did something right in that class. As in, I got five bonus points on a test question because, “This is the best answer by far I’ve seen to that question.” What’s that phrase Dr. Spudich likes to yell all the time (besides “Intramolecular forces!”)? Oh yes. BAM! Also, for Dr. Spudich in general for pushing me to think for myself, signing me up for extra help when I was too proud to do it myself, and for making Quant my overall favorite class of the semester.
6.) For the Fact That I Finally Feel Good About My Chosen Field of Study: Even if I cried over Calc 2 once or twice, and even if my second Quant exam was the worst test score of my life, and even if I absolutely loathe the Punnett Square.
7.) For Running: Because it makes me a lot more thankful person in general.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Eat pie!


It All Feels Right” by Washed Out (the soundtrack of this semester, definitely.)

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