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Work It Working Girl

by Alumni Posts on November 18, 2013

in College Life,Organizations, Activities & Events

This past week, my life has been centered around the theme of “work”. Work, work, work. It seems to be all that I do most days. Work on this, work on that. Well now I actually have a job! Earlier this week, I received a call from American Eagle Outfitters. A few days before the phone call I volunteered some of my time assisting them with visual displays and floor sets for a class of mine. They were so impressed that they called me and offered me a job. Either that, or they’re really in need of seasonal help and they’ll take anyone. Regardless of the reason, I’m happy to be employed. I had orientation on Friday and begin training later this week.

The second largest occurrence of work related happenings presented itself today at the first home men’s basketball game. Griffin Girls Dance Team performed to Britney Spears’ song “Work Work”. Check it out on our Facebook page by clicking on this link! Griffin Girls: \”Work Work\”. It was a highly successful first game and I cannot wait for the next on December 4th!

If there’s one thing I learned this week it’s that you make time for what you want to have time for. I added a lot to my already full plate this week, but it’ll all be alright. With a good support system and a little luck (and plenty of caffeine I’m sure), I’ll advance further into what I like to call the “real world”. Here goes nothing!

It's official, I'm employed

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