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Study Time

by Alumni Posts on November 25, 2013

in Academics,College Life

As we’re nearing final exams, the pressure to finish projects and start studying begins to increase.  I always begin to see more students hiding out in corners of campus, preparing for tests.  I know finals can be a stressful time, and we don’t always like to think about them this early.  But eventually, we have to face the facts—exams are coming up soon, and we must start preparing.

Personally, my favorite study location is the desk inside my dorm room.  I feel least distracted when I can shut my door to the outside world and force myself to focus on course material; I can’t study in noisy places or with people present (because I talk to people instead of studying . . . oops).  However, sometimes I do venture out of my lair to study somewhere else on campus, generally to get away from junk food and my computer’s internet (more distractions).  When I decide to study elsewhere, I have a few favorite study places on campus that I like to visit.

If you are a speech-language pathology (SLP) student, you’re in luck!  SLP students have several computer labs available to them in the Speech and Hearing Clinic in the East building.   These rooms are filled with desktop computers for SLP students to use for observations or other major-related assignments.  This semester I’ve really begun to utilize these labs, because many of my classes require me to watch clinic sessions.  The computer labs are generally quiet, and good places to finish up assignments between classes.

The library has several great places to study.  There are tables and chairs in the front room that students can use to read or work.  The first floor houses the largest computer lab on campus, along with two printers you can use to print final papers or other end-of-semester assignments.  Upstairs, several couches sit next to a long table surrounded by chairs; both the table and the couches offer quiet places to sit and work. And if you really need a quiet space, there are a few group work rooms upstairs, each equipped with a table, chairs, and a thick door that keeps out relatively all noise.

Near the end of finals, when I don’t have much left to do and I get tired of studying alone, I head down to the AMC, the first floor of Medaille Hall, to work with friends.  The AMC is filled with tables, chairs, couches, and desks with computers and a printer, all available to Fontbonne students. It’s not always the quietest place on campus, but during the day it is usually a good place to study or to relax between classes. The doors to the AMC are unlocked during weekdays until night—then you must have a swipe card (given to residents) to enter the building. If you live in the Joe (the residence hall for freshmen), there is a similar room on the first floor.

Those are my favorite spots to study on campus, but I know there are more!  Please let me know if you have great spots to study.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  We’ve almost reached the end!

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