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Pumpkin Party

by Alumni Posts on November 25, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

Have you heard about pumpkin parties? It is a holiday party designed for Halloween.

This fall season, I had a very good time attending a Pumpkin Party with my friends. At the party, everyone brought a pumpkin to carve and most people dressed up for fun. My dress up style was a “Hippie girl.” So, I wore a dress with peace signs to express love and headbands, which is also an ingredient for being a hippie girl.

This was my first time to attend a pumpkin party to carve a pumpkin. I chose “turkey” to be my theme for carving my first pumpkin because it is pretty, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to crave a turkey in a hard pumpkin until I started craving. However, I never gave up even though it was not easy to carve a turkey. My friends looked at my hard work and encouraged me. Finally, I finished the Turkey Pumpkin. I really like it and I’m very proud of myself. Have you ever seen a turkey carved in a pumpkin?

Here is my work!

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