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National School Lunch Week

by Alumni Posts on November 4, 2013

in In Saint Louis

Oct. 14th- 18th Valley Park School District celebrated the National School Lunch Week. We had several activities during lunch period. Activities that helped kids learn where their food comes from, what are the good and bad fats, and have the opportunity to ask nutrition related questions.

Just to give you a little bit of background information. The National School Lunch Week was created by President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Each year there is a different theme. This year’s theme is “School Lunch Across the USA”. Under this theme kids are supposed to learn where the vegetables, fruits, and some of the protein they eat for lunch comes from within the US.

Let me give you a quick glympse of what happened each day during lunch:

Monday Oct. 14th: Students had the opportunity to build their own healthy lunch tray by choosing at least 3 foods from the different food groups (protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains). Prizes were given to those who completed the activity.

Middle Schooler building his own healthy school lunch tray

Tuesday Oct.15th: Middle School kids had the opportunity to learn where their food comes from. For example: Midwest states like Illinois and Indiana grow most of the potatoes and corn.

Wednesday, Oct. 16th: Kids had the opportunity to learn how many tablespoons of fat their favorite fast food meal has.This activity was an eye-opening experience for them. If you want to try it yourself; you can take the “total grams of fat” of your favorite fast food (ex. 6 chicken nuggets, 32 grams fat) and divide that by 4.( 32/4 =8) 8 tbsp of fat (use 8 tablespoons of shortening to see how much fat you are actually consuming). Have fun! 😉

Thursday Oct. 17th: “Ask me Anything about Nutrition” Day. Faculty, staff, and students had the opportunity to ask any nutrition questions.

Friday Oct. 18th: Mega Nutrition Crossword Puzzle. Kids has the opportunity to put in practice what they learned throughout the week by completing the crossword puzzle. Prizes were given to those who answered the questions right.

Mega Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

Overall, it was a fun week. We had a lot of 6th and 7th graders eager to participate. haha, mainly for the prizes but it was an incentive for getting them to participate and at the same time learn a little bit more about nutrition.

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