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Failed Internship

by Alumni Posts on November 25, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

As a first semester Freshman, I was so excited to get to have an opportunity for an internship. Yes, it was unpaid, but I figured it would really add to my resume. And I needed more things besides Taco Bell and Racanelli’s Pizzia. I needed something that actually applied to my degree, and this company wanted me to do some flyers and redesign their menu. That’s a big job, considering I am just an intern, one with little to no experience at that. So I emailed the company. No response. They took about 4 weeks to eventually get back to me. At that point, I had basically forgotten about the whole thing. But I was happy to hear from them. And we set up a meeting. It went very well, I said I’d love to join their team, and they seemed happy to have me. I told them I’d talk to my job and see when I could next be available, and I’d email them my schedule. And I did. That was about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t heard back. I got my excitement up too early, seeing that they wouldn’t even respond after meeting and bringing me on to join them. But, who knows. Maybe I’ll hear from them in a few weeks. To say the least, internships and the corporate world are tough. And maybe I’m still too young to be out there. I am only 18, and I have plenty of time to enjoy myself. All I did in high school was work, maybe I should look back and try not to do that to myself again in college. Free time or job experience? It’s a toss up.

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