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This past Wednesday Fontbonne’s service organization, F.I.S.H., sponsored a homelessness awareness gathering in the meadow. There was a fire to make s’mores and gather around for warmth. Guest speakers came from area homeless shelters. They spoke to us about the mission that they do with the homeless. IT was interesting to hear. Along with the gathering F.I.S.H. was also sponsoring a cardboard village in the meadow. The cardboard village involved students building cardboard houses and staying overnight in them. My friend Sarah and I were considering building a house, but had not officially decided. A few of the upper classmen told us that they had done it before and that it was a good experience. Sarah and I wanted to build a house, so we decided why not build one and stay the night in it. We built a cardboard house that was able to fit both of us in it. Our floor mates thought we were crazy. They did, however, instruct us on what to wear and how many blankets to take. We bundled up in multiple layers and ventured outside around 11. It had gotten colder from the time that we built our house. We did not care we were going to stay the night in our house no matter what. We stuffed all our blankets through our door and then crawled in. It was a tight fit, but it was warm. It was warm to begin with. When I woke up at two my feet were cold. When I woke up at four my feet were freezing. When we woke up to come inside at six our feet were numb and we were shaking. We were extremely cold, but glad we had stayed outside the whole night. We were lucky to come in and be able to take a warm shower and curl up in our heated dorms. Other people are not so lucky. I will definitely remember this experience. I think Sarah will, too.

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