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by Alumni Posts on November 4, 2013

in College Life,Organizations, Activities & Events

Fall Spirit Week has officially began! Last night was Fontbonne’s Fall Formal. The theme of the night was “Candyland”. As a member of FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board), I had the opportunity to decorate for the dance. This year’s formal was held at an amazing location, the City Museum. In the afternoon, about a dozen other FAB members and I went to decorate the space. Pillars were striped with red streamers for a candy cane effect, colorful paper was placed around the room as the game board, larger than life candy pieces hung from the ceiling, and there was candy everywhere! For another special touch, there were balloon pillars made of about 350 balloons (all blown up by FAB, by the way).

It took us about two and a half hours to decorate, and then it was back to Fontbonne to get ready for the dance. I chose to go with the theme of Candyland and dressed inspired by chocolate, mint chocolate chip to be specific. I wore a brown dress and added mint accessories. My nails were also painted mint. My roommate went with an overall colorful “DOTS” theme, with a blue sequin gown and candy colored accessories. She went a step above and wore a hairpiece she made out of candy. How creative!

The dance was a great time. Although I didn’t spend that much time on the dance floor, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. Half the fun for me is dressing up. Fontbonne had a Candyland photobooth at the dance, and I’m pretty sure I came home with a dozen photos. I can’t wait for the rest of the Fall Spirit Week Events. Monday is movie night with the showing of Despicable Me 2. Tuesday is Karaoke Night. Wednesday is a Griffin Spirit Rally and Gunner’s (our mascot’s) birthday. Thursday Fontbonne will be going to the Blue’s game, and then it ends with GriffINSANITY Friday night. Let the week begin!

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Carly and I at "CandyLand"

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