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But Where Will I Blog?!

by Alumni Posts on November 16, 2013

in After College

I’ve been preparing for my May graduation in various ways. I’ve applied for grad schools all over. I’ve really considered what I want to do with my life. I’ve been tutoring biology at school a ton, and I’ve been interning off campus in a lab all while taking 18 credit hours in order to prepare me for the part research/part work life that constitutes biology graduate studies. However, it occurred to me earlier that I haven’t prepared myself for one thing: blogging.

Since my freshman year, I’ve been a Fontbonne blogger. By using Fontbonne’s WordPress forum, I’ve talked about my classes, friendships, joys, and sorrows. I’ve shared stories of lab mishaps, Cardinals games, theatrical productions, and new experiences. I’ve talked about my favorite professors and about classes that changed my life. I’ve shared photos, links, and YouTube videos. I don’t have a Facebook (yep, I’m one of the very few of us out there without one!). I don’t have Twitter. Or Skype. Or any of the everyday social media apps that are found on practically all phones.

Truth be told, I’ve really enjoyed blogging. It’s fun. It’s creative. It allows me to put my thoughts on paper like I used to long ago when I thought I was going to be an English major who’d take an excess of creative writing classes. I guess now I’ll have to go online and find a free blog forum that I can join. But, unlike with looming graduate school application deadlines, I have until the end of May in order to do that. Until then, keep reading, my dear readers. You’ll find me here (practically) every week. 🙂

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