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Alumni Posts

Advising Week

by Alumni Posts on November 13, 2013

in Academics

This past week was Advising Week. During this time, students meet with academic advisors to set up their upcoming semester class schedule. In addition, you are able to talk with your advisor about the current semester and your concerns about your academic standings. The advisors are able to help their students keep on track. For my visit, I set up my spring 2014 class schedule and added Marketing as a minor. Before choosing to add a minor, I had approached my advisor earlier this semester about adding a minor that would fit with my fashion merchandising degree. She was able to help decide which minor would benefit my needs as a student. She was with me every step of the process. In addition, I was able to reflect on my current concerns about which classes I need to focus on as well as how I could grow more as a student. She was very helpful with my academic needs and my concerns. My advisor as well as other faculty members at Fontbonne are eager to help the students exceed in academics and prepare them for their future after college. This is what sets Fontbonne apart from other schools. Each student has a strong support system through their journey at Fontbonne.

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