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Is It Winter Break Yet?

by Alumni Posts on October 25, 2013

in Academics,College Life,In Saint Louis

I am so ready for winter break like you would not believe. I have been stressed probably since week 4 or 5. Luckily I dedicate Thursday nights to go out with friends and unwind. Since I am not from St. Louis it is interesting to go to different places downtown. The experience is great and it is with people I care about. All of this is great in all but I am in need of family time.

My parents are coming down to St. Louis for christmas, so that is the only time I will see them. I’m trying to get an internship or a job or both over winter break. With that I am not going back to Chicago. I am pretty bummed about that but oh well! It is sad that my whole family (besides my parents) live 20 minutes away and I never see them. I hope that changes next semester.

Until next time.

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