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Fontbonne University

Welcome Back!

by Fontbonne University on October 2, 2013

in College Life,Extracurricular

Yes, I know school has already started about six weeks ago, but welcome back to blogging at least!

I’ll have to say that my semester so far has been a little crazy. Why? Well, I’ve mentioned before about how active I am and that I’m involved with multiple student organizations. I’m also taking six courses this semester (18 credit hours). Most people have asked me or told me, “How do you manage it?” and “I don’t know how you can handle everything!” Yeah, neither do I!

However, I have enjoyed it. I’ve met many more great people and I’m so happy to help the new students, especially the international students. They’re wonderful! And you know we have a nice, big group of the Brazilian students this year. They are incredible and very sweet. 🙂

So let’s recap on what I’ve done so far:

1. August – I helped with picking up and dropping off a few international students from the airport. The next three days, my international orientation leaders and I assisted Jessica Hylton with the international students orientation. That was A LOT of work but fun as well! Then school started the following week. FISH had an officers meeting to discuss about the Activities Fair on that Monday (my other people met over the break). The Activities Fair was pretty successful, too! Then Guilherme hosted a farewell dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy Kitchen Restaurant before he went home to Brazil. I miss him so much!

2. August 24th was the Festival of Nations! Man, I haven’t been there in a very long time. I figured this was my opportunity! This event was sponsored by the FCC (Fontbonne Community Connection) so the FiRST Leaders were in charge of this (me as one of them). It was a Saturday which is my work day, but I got the chance to at least meet the international students at the park. Ironically, we were at the wrong side of the park so we tried to walk to the festival but we kept going back and forth (basically we were lost). We decided to wait for the bus driver and when she came, I had to leave to work. At least I got my workout and the students had fun!

3. The next events were the trip to the St. Louis Zoo; Ahmed’s Al-Dulaimi’s birthday dinner at his host family’s house (sadly, I missed it); President Dr. Golden’s dinner reception at his lovely home; the St. Louis Tour for new international students; the Balloon Glow and Race (I also went to the Balloon Glow dinner, thanks to Joel :)); the Saudi National Day event; and finally, Jeferson’s surprise birthday party! He’s one of the new Brazilian students.

Yeah, that was a lot to read, right? Overall, it’s been a pretty fun and busy semester so far. One of the things I love about being here at Fontbonne is having the opportunities to get involved, to help new students, and to make an impact, whether it’s a small thing or gigantic! I look forward to the coming days.

Enjoy your time and appreciate the people around you.

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