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Time Doesn’t Stop

by Alumni Posts on October 25, 2013

in College Life

It is crazy to think that there are only about 4 weeks of classes left this semester! I am almost halfway done with my freshman year. The real world is getting closer and closer everyday. The adult responsibilities are becoming so real. My floor mates and I were just talking about spending money. We have all become serious about eating the food we buy and not letting it go to waste. We often share our food so it all gets eaten before it becomes rotten or stale. Since we have to buy our own food and other necessities we realize why all those years of living with our parents why they were so serious about eating everything and using everything that they bought for us. The old saying is so true “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” It just took buying our own necessities for it to sink in. Adult responsibilities are upon us. Time is flying by too quickly!

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