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The Search for an Apartment

by Alumni Posts on October 23, 2013

in In Saint Louis

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I have been spending a lot of my time on a big change: finding an apartment. The campus life thing isn’t really working for me. The showers can’t decide if they want to be hot or cold. My room can’t either. There are only two temperatures here: Mr. Freeze and Hot as the Devil’s Tears. No in-between. It’s tolerable, I suppose. But the thing I miss is privacy. My only private time is my drive to work. I can do whatever I want in the car (it’s usually just snacking and singing). I miss having an oven. I can’t cook anything. There are only so many options in the cafes, and I am getting a bit tired of cantaloupe. And while many of these things really aren’t an issue, I would still have a heck of a drive to my job here in Clayton over Winter and Summer breaks. And this will give me the opportunity to take a summer class or two, and put me ahead of schedule. So goodbye dorms, hello city life! And the adventure that is apartment hunting is a story all in its own.

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