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What’s your favorite day of the week? Friday, because it’s the start of the weekend? Sunday, because it’s a day of rest and relaxation? Maybe Saturday, because it’s right in the middle. Whatever day is your favorite, I’d bet my bottom dollar that it’s not Monday. Monday gets a pretty bad rep – it’s the day that jolts you back into homework, school, obligations, waking up early, etc. But here’s something to celebrate this Monday and every Monday: going meatless!
The “Meatless Monday” campaign is a movement that was launched in 2003 in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a way to get people to cut meat out of their diet for one day a week. It’s good for your health, good for animals, and good for the planet! Now Meatless Monday has exploded in popularity across the globe – as a matter of fact, the Fontbonne Environmental Club is promoting Meatless Mondays throughout the month of October (which also happens to be Vegetarian Awareness Month) with tables and flyers set up in DSAC and Ryan hall during lunch and dinner. Stop by and say hello! And for more information, check out their website: !

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