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It’s Lovely Weather for a..Fontbonne Tour!

by Alumni Posts on October 21, 2013

in Academics,New & Future Students

With the weather being not so hot and not so cold lately, it’s my favorite time of year to be involved with one of the organization’s on campus, Fontbonne Student Ambassadors! As a student ambassador, I give tours to prospective students and their parents each week. If there is no scheduled tour during my time slot, I write students thank-you letters or cards inviting them to come to campus. FSA is a great organization to belong to!

My first semester of FSA, which was a couple years ago, was difficult. It was hard to put myself out there and speak confidently about every aspect of Fontbonne. A couple years later, and now it’s something I look forward to each week. Giving tours to students allows me to connect with Fontbonne on a level other students don’t. I’ve learned so much about the university, all it has to offer, the faculty and staff, and what I can say about my time here to best represent Fontbonne.

While I give the tours, I never stop talking! I have so much that I want everyone to know about Fontbonne, and the person they will become if they attend here. Today I was able to give a tour to two groups of people interested in Fontbonne. I showed them all of campus, talked about the various clubs and sports we offer, classes available for students, and all those activities FAB puts on! I would give a tour every day if I had the time, but one a week is enough to keep me excited about all the people Fontbonne welcomes to campus each week. I look forward to tours increasing as we get closer to application deadlines. FSA is ready to show you what Fontbonne can do for you!

While on the tour today, we stopped by the latest display my Visual Merchandising group installed. Take a look below. Did you guess 1970’s?

Thanks for reading..

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