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Halloween Is Almost Here!

by Alumni Posts on October 28, 2013

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Griffins! Halloween is this week and I am so excited! Halloween is my favorite holiday. Though, I am sadly too old to go get candy from door-to-door but I can still have fun. I am sure a lot of college students will be dressed in costumes at some random house for a party, but not me. I will be spending Halloween snuggled in my blankets with hot coco and Netflix watching horror movies. Halloween has always been special to me. It is crazy to me that Halloween is my favorite holiday and I was supposed to be born on October 31st 1991, but I came a month early. I remember 11 years ago on Halloween I was only 10 years old that I watched my first horror movie. After watching Child’s Play I made my dog sleep with me because I got scared. From that moment on my love for horror and thriller films grew and now I watch them multiple times a week.

Maybe is a coincidence that October is also my favorite month of the year. Good time for pumpkins, boots and scarves.

Until next time.

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