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Friday night wrestling

by Alumni Posts on October 7, 2013

in In Saint Louis

My friend, Matt Knicks, is a professional wrestler. He is from Chicago. We met a few year ago when he and his friends came down to wrestle for my friends’ and my backyard wrestling organization. I have kept in touch ever since then. I have read his Facebook posts about some of the shows that he has traveled to. When I saw that he was going to be in St. Louis, I was excited to see him again. So on October 4th I went to a bingo hall. Matt was wrestling for a St. Louis wrestling company that night.  The company is an independent wrestling company. They don’t have any big names or fancy equipment. I had a front row seat next to the ring and along the entrance.

Matt’s match was first. It was a six person elimination match. When Matt made his way to the ring, he gave me a hug before he got in the ring. I was surprised that he did that. The other opponents made their way. A lot of the wrestlers are under 220 pounds and are smaller guys. Matt did some flips and wrestled a good match. The wrestlers used their size to do high flying moves, like diving to the outside of the ring. The matches were longer than a match that the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) puts on. There were more matches after Matt’s. There were few one on one and two on two matches. One of the two on two matches had 4 bigger guys. That match was one of my favorite matches of the night. Even though they were bigger, it didn’t stop them from flying around the ring.

During those matches, Matt, another friend of mine, and I hung out watching them and talking about wrestling. Matt said the next show is four hours away from here. He wanted to go see the Arch before he left because he never saw it when he previously came to St. Louis. It is great to see a friend of mine succeed in a tough business. Some of my friends are still trying to make it to Matt’s level. I told Matt to let me know when he will be in the area again. It was a good way to spend a Friday night.

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