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The Favorites

by Alumni Posts on October 28, 2013

in Academics,Career Paths,New & Future Students

Sometimes it is really shocking which classes end up being your favorites. Mine would have to be two that I expected the be the most work, which they were, but they were also the most rewarding courses I have taken so far during my time here at Fontbonne. I have three favorite classes. All of them have been education classes, so I am fairly confidant I have chosen the right major – at least I hope since I am almost halfway through my junior year…

The first class that is one of my favorites is the one that actually led me to change my major. I started off as a Math major, with a certificate in Secondary Education, but when I took my practicum class (which all education majors have to pass in order to get major approval) because they put middle school and secondary education majors together in the same class, I was actually placed in a middle school for observation hours and I realized that I loved every minute of it! Middle schoolers are a handful, but a fun handful! If it weren’t for this class, I may not have realized that I liked middle school so much, and would not have become a Middle School Education major.
My second favorite class is one I am currently in: Middle School Philosophy. It is taught by Brentwood Middle School’s former principal, who just retired at the end of last school year. Because she was just so recently in the middle school level all of her knowledge is so real life, and true! It’s an amazing class because she makes it so fun, plus it is so small because there are so few middle school majors and it reminds all of us why we chose this level and are so passionate about it!
My final favorite is just because it is so much fun! It is a class I am taking as an elective because I need more credit hours, and it is designed for early education majors, but I love it so much! It is called Multi-Sensory Methods and it is all about integrating arts into your lesson plans. A lot of people call it “arts &crafts time” but you really do learn a lot of great ideas for your future lesson plans, and you have a lot of fun while learning also!

I really love Fontbonne’s Education program! We have really passionate, amazing teachers who are truly dedicated to helping their students become exceptional teachers.

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