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Eye-Opening Experience

by Alumni Posts on October 28, 2013

in Academics

Throughout my college career the course that has made the biggest impact on my life was Introduction to Philosophy. As a freshman, I came into Fontbonne with a narrow perspective on life. I came from a small town were routine pretty much dominated. Entering into my philosophy class Freshmen year I had no idea what I was getting into. All of a sudden I was in a big city surrounded in a diverse environment and having to face some of life’s most complex questions. Philosophy helped open my mind to all of the possibilities of life. One of my favorite aspects of the course was how the professor continued to answer my questions with a question. Initially, this was extremely confusing and frustrating. In the end, the “countering my question with a question” method actually pushed me to dig deeper and think harder about the questions I was asking. I didn’t necessarily get the answer I was looking for, but I did however learn a lot about myself, the world around me, and keeping an open perspective to life. Introduction to Philosophy was an eye-opening experience and made me realize that there is a lot more to life than what I used to think.


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