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Out of My Comfort Zone.

by Alumni Posts on October 7, 2013

in Academics,College Life,In Saint Louis

This weekend I did some things that I probably wouldn’t normally do. Which is what this year is about. Being more outgoing and experiencing new things. Also, making new memories. I went Ice Skating for the first time in I don’t know how long, so it felt like my first time. I skated close to the edge for a good hour and then after that I got the handle of skating and was skating at a fast pace. Then that night I actually went out with some friends and we went to a few bars. I actually liked it. I had a blast. It is something I want to do again. I had a good time with friends and also met new people. The downside of having fun all weekend is that this week is going to be a heavy school load in the beginning. That will be worth it because this Wednesday and Friday is going to be eventful and amazing. More information on that next week. (:

Until next time..

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