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A course that changed the way I view my world…

by Alumni Posts on October 23, 2013

in Career Paths

Studies in Disabilities and Exceptionalities was by far the most life-changing course I have taken so far, not just at Fontbonne but at any college for any degree or certification! Through this course we were constantly given examples of the inequalities that happen each day for those who are disabled. This course caused each of us to analyze in our everyday lives these things that we take for granted that can be completely biased against those with disabilities.

Through learning the history of society’s views on those with disabilities up until today and how society has changed or hasn’t changed. We even took a trip to the Paraquad building by the Science Center to meet with a Bronze Medal Special Olympian and also spend the whole night in a wheelchair and live the life of someone with that need. We came into small obstructions or large ones that then changed our minds forever. Every time I see a curb without a curb cut it makes me upset, every time I have a student with a disability I try to move my classroom to create as even an atmosphere for that student as much as my students without disabilities.

I am so fortunate that I had this class because during my student teaching experience I do have students with disabilities as well as exceptionalities, and I have been able to bring that knowledge not only to my classroom but share it with my fellow teachers. I highly suggest this class. There is no major or career choice where you will not encounter a person with a disability, and this can not only help you become unbiased, even if you don’t mean to be, but also to just become a kind, knowledgeable and overall caring citizen.

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