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Baseball Heaven

by Alumni Posts on October 3, 2013

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When someone hears the words “St. Louis”, there are many things that come to mind. There’s the decadent gooey butter cake, Ted Drewes, toasted raviolis, heck, even the Arch. But to most people,(especially those who live in StL), one thing tends to consistently pop into mind. That being, baseball. Ahh, yes, the Cardinals. And with me being born, raised, and still living in St. Louis, it’s only natural for me to be a diehard fan.

With the NLDS just around the corner, St. Louis is all abuzz. However, it’s not just the fact that most everyone in St. Louis loves baseball, it’s the sense of community that comes with it. I pulled into a gas station not long ago, and heard one gentleman playing the Cardinals game quite loudly in his car. The man pumping gas next to him asked, “Are the Cards winning?!” and the man replied with a “yep!” This kind of thing makes me happy inside. We may all be different people, but we share a passion that is spread throughout the country. Despite our differences, the community we form through baseball brings us together in many ways, and with another playoff appearance by the Cardinals, that sense of unity in St. Louis will definitely become stronger than ever.

Now, with the Cards in postseason play, one of the customers at my work stated, “It sure is a great time to be a Cardinals fan!”

It sure is! But then again, when is it not?

Good luck with the playoffs, Cards! We all believe in you!!

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