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Worth Every Penny

by Alumni Posts on September 24, 2013

in Academics,After College,Campus Community,College Life

I’m not going to lie – whenever I purchase greeting cards, I usually look for the value cards. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?! However, this past summer, I went into my local Hallmark store in search for the perfect card.

Much to my dismay, my favorite Fontbonne professor, Dr. Thomasson, retired. He was one of my very first college professors. I’ve known him since – literally – my first day of classes. He taught me general chemistry, microbiology, tissue culture techniques lab, and one of my semesters of department research. For me, Dr. T was so much more than a professor. Because of him and the passion he had for his work, I want to go into infectious disease research and attempt admittance into a graduate microbiology/immunology program.

I’ll always remember working in the hood on our cancer cells and talking about Cardinals baseball the whole time. And I’ll never forget the micro lab during which we stained bacterial cells for the first time and he completely raised my confidence in both my lab technique and myself when he said I had a “textbook perfect, textbook quality slide.” And how could I ever forget getting my first general chemistry test back and asking him if I was doing well since I’d never before gotten an 88% on a chemistry test despite having taken chemistry at the honors level in high school? Dr. T definitely left his mark on me and all of my friends.

A couple weeks before school started, we had a small retirement party for Dr. T. It was so great seeing all of my friends who just graduated this past May, but it was even more inspiring to meet some of Dr. T’s students from the ’90s who came back just to wish him well. He obviously impacted a lot of people.

So you’re probably curious about the Hallmark card I finally decided on. It said, “Some people make more than a career out of their work. They make a difference.” As soon as I read that line, I knew that that card described Dr. T to, well, a T. And it was worth every penny.

Good luck, Dr. T!! We love you!!

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