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by Alumni Posts on September 27, 2013

in In Saint Louis

It’s that time of year again. St. Louis Fashion Week is upon us! The kick-off party was last week, but the first official fashion show took place this evening. Due to school and other wonderful things that keep me busy I could not attend, but I’ll be helping backstage at all three events this weekend. At these runway shows I’ll be dressing models, assisting them with changing during the duration of the event.

This weekend is going to be jam-packed. Between school activities, dance, and helping with the shows I’m barely going to have time to get from one thing to the next. Although each fashion show doesn’t begin until 7 or 8 pm, dressers have to arrive by 1:00. I’m looking forward to assisting with these events. I’ve dressed for various fashion events before, but never during St. Louis Fashion Week. I’ll be helping with “Indulge at Plaza Frontenac” Friday night, “Project Runway Fashion Show” Saturday, and “Style in the Loop” Sunday afternoon. I have my outfits chosen for each event, and they’re all black of course. Dressers and other assistants must wear all black to be easily identified as “help” at these type of events. It can get a little hectic!

Of course I’ll be working all these events with my fabulous best friend/roommate! We’re especially excited for Saturday’s show because we’re fans of the show Project Runway and know all the designers’ work. Between shows we’ll be finding some local places to eat, doing homework, and trying to get as much rest as we can. As fashion merchandising students, we’re extremely grateful to have these opportunities that Fontbonne gives us. It will be one busy weekend full of lots of memories! Whatever we do, we know we’ll “Make it work”!

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