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First Post Jitters

by Alumni Posts on September 23, 2013

in College Life,New & Future Students

Salutations my fellow blog-readers! First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Abigail, I’m currently a Sophomore studying Graphic Design, and have to admit, have never written anything for the public to read, so, let’s just say I’m a total newbie at this, and a bit intimidated…but just a bit 😉

Before I post anything, I thought it would be proper to give some background information of myself. I’m the oldest of six kids, have never had a pet dog, and love lots of weird things. Ok, to me they’re not weird, but I end up saying this because most people think they are. For example, I have a passion for classic (or what most people consider “old”) movies, I also love different types of music, like classical, and a variety of oldies music (mainly 80’s New Wave, but also some 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s….okay, 70’s too…). I also really like the vintage fashion and antiques (although, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you at this point, hehe.)

So, quirky enough for you? Well, whether it is or isn’t, I am still happy to meet all of you, and look forward to posting some fun stuff in the future!

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