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Alumni Posts

Some of the Best Memories at Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts on September 30, 2013

in College Life

This is my third year at Fontbonne, and I cannot even count the numerous memories that I have created with so many great friends. Some of my favorite memories are of my closest friends and I killing time between classes in the DSAC or random places around campus and joking around, talking about boys, and just enjoying each other’s company. Since I have never been a resident, I don’t have many of the college memories such as hanging out in the dorm rooms or crazy roommate stories. But I think my memories are worth just as much. I especially treasure the times we sat in the DSAC watching Cardinals’ playoff games and our traditional Starbucks runs down in the Loop. No matter what your college experience consists of, it is always possible to create everlasting memories with the people that mean the most to you. I am looking forward to a fantastic senior year with more great memories to come!

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